Portrait of Chef Remy Le Charpentier - arraya restaurant

cuisine & Passion

Born in Corrèze and Basque at heart, Rémy Le Charpentier is a passionate chef. He is passionate about the land, nature, breeding, crops, fish, game...
You will find his cuisine to be just like him, inspired by his roots, but also demanding and creative.

For the taste buds and the eyes

Our table is designed for lovers of quality cuisine. We offer Basque and other specialities, distinguished by their original flavours and meticulous presentation.
Our dishes are prepared using fresh, local produce wherever possible.


an experienced chef

For Rémy, the passion for cooking is also a family affair due to his roots in the Corrèze and Auvergne regions, to which he is very attached. Originally from Vichy where he attended hotel school, Rémy always wanted to become a chef.
As a child, he loved going to Corrèze where his great-great-grandmother had opened a bar-restaurant in Saint Pantaléon de Lacleau; there he learned the taste for good home-made products, family preparations and preserves and developed his passion for garden herbs and mushrooms!

His lifelong motto:
"Picking and serving up to the plate, it's passing on the Earth"

He has, in his record of achievements, the Castel Hôtel 1904 in Saint Gervais d'Auvergne with Chef Jean-Luc Mouty, the Burdigala in Bordeaux, the Pavillon des Boulevards in the company of Chef Denis Franc, the Grand Hôtel Loréamar in Saint-Jean-de- Luz and finally the Chartreuse du Bignac near Bergerac, where he obtained the title of Master-Restorer.

Chef Remy Le Charpentier - arraya restaurant