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Arraya Shop

Home-made Arraya products, Basque-made products, wines from local appellations, souvenirs ... nothing but good things to remind you of your stay with us.

Boutique entrance Arraya Hotel

Arraya Shop

The Arraya store is located in the hotel, do not hesitate to take a look! You will discover our house productions as well as good local products and Basque craftsmanship.

Such as the delicious jams made by Sébastien and Lorentxa Fagoaga, our brother and sister-in-law, as well as their famous homemade Basque cake with pastry cream or black cherry jam.

Basque cake that you can find in the small stand located at the end of the hotel terrace as well as in the halls of Saint-Jean-de-Luz all year round.

You will also find a whole range of quality regional products selected by them, preserves, Iroulegui, Rioja and Jurançon wines, brandies from Brana, cider... Idoki cheeses...
Without forgetting the Basque linen, recognized for its quality ... the famous berets of Maison Laulhère.
But also hand-sewn espadrilles, as beautiful as they are comfortable ...
You will be able to find a selection of wonderful articles from Maison Laffargue, the well-known Basque leather goods manufacturer, a living heritage company, with whom we share many values.

Many other surprises still await you...
Come quickly, we are waiting for you!

Jam shop Arraya
Jam shop Arraya