Hiking around Sare

Hiking around Sare

There are many walks in the Basque Country. Whether you are a sportsman, a family member or a friend... discover the different ways of walking on the signposted routes of Sare.

1, 2, 3 ! Discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Basque Country!

There are many walks in the Basque Country. Whether you are a sportsman, a family member or a friend... discover the different ways to walk the 10 marked routes in Sare.
Starting from Hendaye, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the GR10, the mythical path that allows you to join the ocean to the sea by following the Pyrenees, makes a stop in Sare.

Sare is a mountainous area which is obviously suitable for hiking (on foot, on horseback or even by mountain bike), and many routes have been set up. We will be able to personalise your route and provide you with a guidebook according to your choice.

If you have never done it, we recommend you to climb the Rhune, from the hotel! This mythical summit offers an incredible 360° view of the sea and mountains! Start from the swimming pool car park and go down facing La Rhune. Follow the yellow PR signs entitled "de col en col" (from pass to pass).
Either you choose the pretty loop to visit the Koralhandia star-shaped redoubt built by Marshal Soult in 1812, passing by the Altsanga viewpoint and staying on the slopes of the Rhune.
Or, very quickly, you will find the white and red marks of the famous GR10 which will take you to the summit, at 905m. Allow 2 hours 30 minutes.

The Rhune train path: http: //

Another path starting from the hotel: a walk marked out by blue horses which passes through 4 villages and allows you to discover the treasures of each one. This is the territory of Xareta.
Sare to Zugarramurdi, a famous village in the Basque Country. It is known as the village of witches. Between myth and reality, a visit to the witches' cave will allow you to learn more about this legend.
Urdax is a charming little village with beautiful Basque buildings and old farmhouses. In the centre of the village there is a monastery and an old mill which are well worth a visit.
And finally : Aïnhoa: another village classified among the most beautiful in France, known for its bastide street.

Suhalmendi and the Napoleonic redoubts: a magnificent place to watch the sunset in summer. A 3.5 hour loop from the hotel. It is also a family walk in a privileged environment up to the Suhalmendi pass (one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Basque Coast) to discover the Basque pig of the Pie Noir breed from the Basque Country, which leads to four pig pens. A trail of 10 fun interpretation panels invites you to discover the secrets of the pig.

Have you just arrived and want to stretch your legs after the drive? I suggest the oratories circuit, a short and easy one-hour walk from the hotel.
These humble but carefully built buildings bear witness to the Basque devotion and religious spirit;
According to local tradition, they were built following wishes made by sailors in danger. For, in the words of the writer Kurt Tucholski, the Basques are sailors from the mountains...

Finally, the pigeon-hole circuit: close to the Rhune, surrounded by the peaks of Ibanteli and Atxuria, this hike will take you through mysterious and splendid beech forests. You will walk along the border to reach the Lizarrieta pass before crossing the open slopes of the Ibanteli.

To discover more walks around Sare: http: //

The Sare tourist office organises a guided walk on Mount Suhalmendi in June and September: to discover the Basque pig.

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